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Streamlining for Growth Grants Program 2020/21

The Victorian Government is accelerating the delivery of land projects that will stimulate economic growth and boost jobs, infrastructure and housing throughout Victoria.

The Streamlining for Growth Program is funded by the Victorian State Government and managed by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA). It aims to provide support and capacity building for councils in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. Through the provision of targeted funding and staff resources, the Program assists to unblock planning projects and processes to accelerate the delivery employment and residential land. Achieve employment growth, housing choice and affordability. And improve the alignment of infrastructure delivery with planning. Applications must align with one or more the 2020-21 program, strategic and stream objectives as follows:

Program Objectives

Support economic activity, particularly in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2019-2020 summer bushfires, by:

· Unblocking or fast-tracking strategic planning projects

· Accelerating the delivery of employment and residential land

· Achieving employment growth

· Increasing housing choice and affordability

· Improving alignment of infrastructure delivery (particularly transport infrastructure) with land use and development

· Promoting efficiencies and coordination across State and local governments and agencies for improved outcomes.

Strategic Objectives

· The priorities set by the Minister for Planning in the VPA’s Statement of Expectations and annual Business Plan

· Plan Melbourne

· Homes for Victorians

· Regional Growth Plans

· Regional Statement 

· Regional Strategies


Specific Stream Objectives

Metropolitan Strategic Sites

Support development in metropolitan areas by:

· Unlocking development in activity centres, National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs), along train and tram routes, and on arterial roads

· Providing strategic planning support for Councils in metropolitan areas

· Clearing backlogs that help unlock brownfield and strategic development sites

· Speeding up the rezoning of strategic sites within existing suburbs

· Enabling development in areas that have remained undeveloped for some time

· Supporting the intent and delivery of the Melbourne Industrial and Commercial Land Use Plan.

Metropolitan Melbourne

Support development in metropolitan areas by:

· Unlocking development in activity centres, National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs), along train and tram routes, and on arterial roads

· Building capacity in local councils

· Providing strategic planning support 

· Clearing backlogs that help unlock brownfield and key development sites

· Accelerating strategic planning projects

· Unlocking a land supply pipeline to facilitate growth 

· Realising opportunities for value capture or infrastructure charging.

Post Precinct Structure Plan Approvals

Improve the timeliness and/or outcomes delivered by VPA-prepared plans by:

· Streamlining post-PSP subdivision approvals processes

· Achieving shorter approvals timelines

· Reducing red tape

· Supporting innovation

· Delivering better outcomes

· Supporting the direction of the Better Regulation Victoria review into Planning and Building approvals. 

Regional Victoria

Support growth of regional cities, regional centres, peri-urban towns and other key regional urban areas by:

· Delivering on priorities and directions set in Regional Growth Plans

· Undertaking master planning for strategic sites

· Building capacity in local councils

· Supporting planning projects that assist in state and local bushfire recovery.

The Streamlining for Growth Grant Program for 2020/21 will be open for applications from 28 August 2020 until 9 October 2020.


You are strongly encouraged discuss your project proposal and its potential compatibility with the program objectives  with a relevant VPA team member before applying. 

Please refer below:

Metropolitan Councils: Inner and Established Melbourne 

Peter Sagar(03) 9651 9641 or

Martina Johnson (03) 9651 9676 or 

Emily Hillebrand  (03) 8644 8839 or 

Metropolitan Councils: Outer Urban and Growth Areas 

Brent McLean (03) 9651 9674 or 

Tony Marks (03) 8644 8807 or 

Megan Taylor(03) 9651 9610 or 

Regional Councils: Peri-Urban, Regional Cities, Small and Medium Regionals

Dean Rochfort  (03) 9651 9689 or 

Mat Garner (03) 9651 9619 or 

General Program Enquiries 

Paul Cassidy – (03) 9651 9606 / 0414 015 916 or

Melissa Allan – (03) 8644 8818 or 

Victorian Planning Authority